Natty Pregnancy Pillow

 "So grateful for this pillow, it has been the life saver for my pregnancy!" - Lisa
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  • Comfortable support for bump, hips & back
  • Prevents from rolling onto your back
  • Adjustable length for perfect support
  • 30-days risk free guarantee

      Safe for you & your bump: The NATTY Pillow is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. This means that it has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless for you & your bump's health.

      Durable & long-lasting: The Natty pillow is covered with a high quality cotton blend and filled with a polyester blend to ensure that it maintains its shape and does not develop clumps or flat spots. This helps to ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort and support throughout your pregnancy, and beyond.

      How to wash the cover: Use a delicate programme or hand wash at 30 degrees. Air-dry/hang and iron the pillowcase for a soft effect when dry.

      How to make the most of your pillow: Your NATTY pillow will be the most innovative maternity aid you’ll ever own! Separate your wedges to mix and match in any way you please. Use one wedge or two to prop your elbows up when you breastfeed sitting up. Use the extra pillow to keep from rolling onto your back if you’re side-feeding lying down. Stack them up to align baby’s head with their food if you use the underarm position. Is baby growing up quick and starting to sit up? Use your pillow parts to safely prop baby up to keep from falling!

      A maternity pillow designed for comfort

      During pregnancy, sleeping can be uncomfortable for both you and your baby. The Natty pillow offers a dual-support design solution. Its belly support helps prevent the sensation of being pulled into the mattress, while the backrest feature reduces the risk of rolling onto your back.

      Pregnancy Pillow
      Pregnancy Pillow
      Get the Restful Sleep You Need

      With its compact design, the Natty Pillow provides alignment in your hips and spine, allowing you to find a comfortable sleeping position without having to adjust multiple pillows throughout the night.

      This will lead to improved sleep quality and reduced back pain.

      What's inside

      It comes with an extra pillow for additional support where needed, tummy or legs. Everyone is different, so switch it up and find what works for you!

      Pregnancy Pillow

      Loved by 5,000+ Mums and rated 4.7/5

      How it works

      Pregnancy Pillow

      Adjust width to support your entire pregnancy

      As your belly grows, increase the width between the pillows using the velcro attachment.

      Pregnancy Pillow

      Add the extra pillow

      Choose from adding extra support to front or back. Find what works for you! Everyone is different so switch it up to find your spot

      Add the Long Version attachment

      Perfect for the most restless sleepers. Discover our long version of the pillow for an extra body & leg support.

      Smart Design

      Pregnancy Pillow
      Cuddle friendly

      No more bulky body pillows! Rest in comfort and balance while you sleep on your side, without sacrificing personal space for you or your partner.


      Pregnancy Pillow

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 114 reviews
      P. G.
      I absolutely love my pillow.

      As someone who has always been a stomach sleeper, I definitely keeps my on my side and helps me sleep through the night.

      Yvonne G.
      Best preggo pillow

      This is a game changer!! With my first I had the traditional super long U shape pillow and although I didn't mind it I was looking for something much smaller this time round as I co-sleep with my toddler and didn't want her to suffocate on the massive pillow and then I came across Natty. Worth every penny! An absolute life saver, I wake up comfortable and fall asleep comfortable. 10/10


      Suite à ma première nuit avec ce coussin, je n’ai pas mal au dos. Je le recommande

      Finalmente un buon riposo

      la prima notte di buon sonno che ho fatto da un mese a questa parte


      Buy it!!! I love the size and functionality. I’m a stomach sleeper and could not get comfortable on my sides before this. Such a lifesaver!