Natty Pregnancy Pillow Usage

First Night With Your Pregnancy Pillow - Easy Guide To Comfort

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by Ana Marie Custodio

To make the most of your new pregnancy pillow, follow these steps for optimal comfort and support:

1. Unpacking and Fluffing

When you receive your Natty pillow, it will be vacuum-sealed for protection and convenience during shipping. While this process may not be appreciated by the stuffing inside, it's entirely normal for your pregnancy pillow to require fluffing and airing out for a couple of hours after arrival. Give your Natty pillow a gentle massage to break apart the compressed sections and ensure an even distribution of fibres.

2. Initial Use with a Quick Nap

Introduce your pregnancy pillow slowly into your routine by trying a quick nap on the sofa. Your changing body may need some time to adjust, and experimenting with different configurations before committing to a full night's use is advisable. Keep in mind that what works for you in the early stages of pregnancy may need adjustment as your journey progresses.

Is the pillow too firm?
Try removing some stuffing from the pillow until you find a comfortable level of support.

 3. Configuring Your Pillow

The versatility of the Natty pillow is a favourite among our customers. Experiment with different configurations during the first week to find what suits you best.


Standard Pillow Positioning: Provides belly support for those who turn during the night and sleep on both sides. Use the small pillow for additional support for the bump or back, aiding side sleeping.

Standard + Long Pillow Between Legs: Highly recommended by healthcare professionals and our mama customers, especially for those experiencing hip pain. Place a long pillow between the legs to maintain proper alignment of hips and spine. 

Long Back Support - for Back Sleepers: Ideal for those who wake up on their back at night. The long back pillow prevents you from rolling completely onto your back in your sleep but allows you to lay so that you’re not completely on your side - which tends to be uncomfortable for back sleepers.

Long Belly Support - for a Cosy Hug-like Feeling: Perfect for side sleepers, providing belly and back support while offering the comforting feeling of being surrounded by a hug from your pregnancy pillow.

    4. Cleaning the Pillow Cover

    Before washing, remember to reverse all covers to protect the Velcro. Opt for a gentle washing program or hand wash at a temperature of 86°F / 30°C. After washing, air-dry or hang the pillowcase for a soft finish, and iron as needed. Avoid tumble drying to maintain the pillow's quality.