Unterstützung für dein
wachsendes Baby

Ein neues, intelligentes Design für mehr Komfort während der ganzen Nacht

Das innovative Dual Support Design von unserem Natty Schwangerschaftskissen sorgt für doppelte Unterstützung, für deinen Bauch und deinen Rücken. Das Bauchkissen umschließt und stützt angenehm deinen Bauch. Gleichzeitig verhindert es, dass du das Gefühl hast, in die Matratze hineingezogen zu werden. Die Kissenseite, die dem Rücken Halt gibt, ermöglicht das sichere Liegen auf der Seite und sorgt so für erholsamen Schlaf, der die ganze Nacht andauert.

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Verhindert die Rückenlage beim Schlafen

Die Seitenposition beim Schlafen ermöglicht die beste Durchblutung für dich und dein Baby. Deshalb verhindert das duale Design des Natty Kissens, dass du dich auf den Rücken rollst. So kannst du eine bequeme Schlafposition finden, ohne das Kissen im Laufe der Nacht immer wieder neu anzupassen.

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10.000+ Mütter sind begeistert und vergaben 4.6/5

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews

I slept the deepest sleep I’ve had in ages last night. 7.5 months pregnant and I left it too long to get a pillow so it’s been tough sleeping, plus hip pain. Lastnight I snored - which I never do - I feel like a new woman. The long version is ace, I love the support and it just kept me so comfy the whole night and I can’t thank you enough.

Lovely quality

I’m writing this specifically because I read a few bad reviews of the company/pillow and was panicked I’d made a mistake, but it arrived quicker than I expected AND it’s decent quality - nice thick cover and I like that you can remove it to wash! It’s also very comfy and doesn’t take up the entire bed, even with the long version, which is nice! In terms of actual support/pain relief it’s hard to say as I’ll need to give it a week or so to let my body get used to it (I’m hypermobile and have terrible back/hip pain at night with pregnancy) but if you’re worried about the actual product, don’t be, I think it’s worth the money. I was tempted to try an Amazon knock-off the same shape but I’m glad I didn’t. Would recommend long version because you can still try the short one but have option for additional support

I admit I was wrong

I left a review before. But I tried last night a U-shaped pillow and let me tell you - it was awful. I was up all night with horrible hip pain. It barely even supported my bump or neck. At about 4 am, I gave up. Threw the thing out of my bed and went to retrieve this pillow again. Sooooo much better. Actually supported my bump and back. Was able to use another pillow to support my knees, going back would buy the long version. Slept like a baby. Don’t bother with the other pillow. Get this one. Don’t listen to old me. Also, I learned that the Velcro issue can be fixed by flipping the pillow over, unlike how it is advertised to be used.

Great pillow

I’ve purchased the pillow with the extra leg pillow. I’ve had it for about 8 weeks now and it’s definitely helped me get more comfortable at night. The long pillow is definitely worth adding. It’s not too bulky so my partner still has loads of room. Very happy with the purchase.

I’m in Love. I’m obsessed

I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and been suffering from back pain. I looked at several pillows online and decide to take a risk and purchase this one as not too familiar with the brand. All I can say is - it’s great for me. I’m definitely having better night sleep and always wake up in the same position not rolled over onto my back. I live in the UK it took about 1 1/2 weeks to arrive but well worth the wait. I would recommend the long version as you can use the pillow in different positions to support you. Please Natty do other colours