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"I love that it’s interchangeable and doesn’t take up so much bed space!" - Amy
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Note: this product includes only the long pillow attachment as highlighted in the product image.

Looking for extra support during pregnancy? Look no further!
Whether you need extra support for your bump or back, this versatile pillow has got you covered. Use it as a back support to keep even the most restless sleepers from rolling onto their back. Or, use it as a front pillow for a cosy hug-like feeling on your bump and legs.

        Safe for you & your bump: The NATTY Pillow is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. This means that it has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless for you & your bump's health.

        Durable & long-lasting: The Natty pillow is covered with a high quality cotton blend and filled with a polyester blend to ensure that it maintains its shape and does not develop clumps or flat spots. This helps to ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort and support throughout your pregnancy, and beyond.

        How to wash the cover:  Prior to washing, ensure to reverse all covers to prevent damage to the Velcro. Opt for a gentle washing program or hand wash at a temperature of 86°F / 30°C. For a soft finish upon drying (air-dry or hang the pillowcase) and iron as needed. Avoid tumble drying.

        Three Versatile Pillow Configurations

        Long Pillow Between Legs

        Highly recommended by healthcare professionals and our mama customers, especially for those experiencing hip pain. Place the long pillow between the legs to maintain proper alignment of hips and spine.

        Long Back Support

        Ideal for back sleepers. The long back pillow prevents you from rolling completely onto your back, but allows you to lay so that you’re not completely on your side - which tends to be uncomfortable for back sleepers.

        Long Belly Support

        Perfect for side sleepers, this configuration not only provides belly and back support but also offers the comforting sensation of being enveloped in a warm hug by your pregnancy pillow, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

        Maternity & Beyond

        Our pregnancy pillow isn't just for expecting moms. Its extra length and support make it a versatile companion for post-pregnancy breastfeeding, ensuring comfort and relaxation during those precious moments.


        The bundle includes all components of the Natty Pregnancy Pillow, along with an additional long pillow.

        Yes, you can attach the long pillow to the main pillow to ensure it stays securely in place throughout the night.

        We recommend always having a pillow between your legs to keep your hips and spine properly aligned. This is crucial for alleviating common pregnancy discomforts such as ligament pain, lower back and hip pain. If you don't already have a long enough pillow for this purpose, we suggest opting for the long one in the bundle.

        This way, you can experiment with different configurations to find what works best for you. On the other hand, if you already have a suitable long pillow for your legs, the standard version of the pillow is sufficient. It provides the necessary support for both your bump and back.

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